• Claims of affiliation with CPRES.CO - we are not associated or affiliated with any other escrow site.
  • Claims that their services are provided by the Counter-Party Risk Enterprise Services Inc., which owns and operates Counter-Party Risk Escrow Service or CPRES.CO
  • The site looks similar to CPRES.CO in design.
  • Claims of recommendations from eBay, eBay Motors, or Yahoo! Auctions.
  • A lack of contact details on the site, or it’s impossible to reach them when you call the customer support phone number.
  • The company isn’t listed when you run a Google search.
  • They aren’t listed with the Better Business Bureau unless they're new.
  • Domain names that have only been registered for a few weeks or months – certainly far less time than the firm claims to have been in operation.
  • The so-called company requires person-to-person payment methods like Western Union.
  • Suspiciously low escrow fees.
  • Poor spelling and grammar, broken links, and inconsistencies with the information provided on their website.

Another concern is the lack of licensing information, such as how the firm is licensed and the licensing authority. Check if the license listed really belongs to the company in question and not someone else. Scammers often use CPRES’ license number, trying to pass it off as their own.

Reporting Fraud

If you believe that you’ve been the victim of fraud, you should contact CPRES.CO immediately to notify us. We will investigate any fraudulent activity that has occurred on our website with the utmost diligence.

If an escrow scam has targeted you, report the site and the person who recommended it to the proper authorities. By reporting it, you make it easier for the authorities to find and prosecute these criminals while also protecting other possible victims.

In the event that you have provided your personal information to a fraudulent site or person who recommended it, inquire if you are at risk of having your identity stolen.

Contact the shipping company to see if they can stop the delivery if you’ve already shipped the merchandise. You can also ask the company to get their fraud investigations department involved, as most of these firms have such a department.

Get in touch with your financial services provider to see if they can freeze any transfers of funds you have made. Ask them what other steps you can take to protect your account. Also, explain what happened so that your financial institution will investigate and report the fraudulent activity.

If you used Western Union to transfer the money, call them to report the fraud. You can do this by calling their customer service number at 1-800-448-1492 or filling out their online form.


The most effective way to protect yourself against scams and fraudulent activity is to use CPRES.CO. We are a licensed and registered escrow service dedicated to protecting our customers at all times.