Fee Calculator

CPRES.CO escrow fee do not exceed 10% as shown below instead, it gets smaller the bigger your deposit but not smaller than 1%

Most other escrow service especially foreign ones charges twices as much as CPRES. But for CPRES.CO, the idea is for us to help you complete your transaction securely not to milk profits from your plight. Here at CPRES, we think of our users as ourselves... we feel like we're the ones about to enter into the transaction, with all the risk without a service like CPRES to gaurantee my interest I won't do it. And because making money is stressful enough, spending it on the things you love shouldn't be; that's why all CPRES Escrow Services is affordable.

Therefore, if low escrow fee with high security for your transaction and 100% money back gaurantee is what you want? Use CPRES.CO

1. CPRES.CO ESCROW FEE CAP: N100,000 (~$200). That's regardless of your transaction amount we won't charge you more than N100,000 (~$200) for a given transaction.

2. CPRES.CO ESCROW FEE THRESHOLD: N50 (~$0.1). That's no matter your transaction amount we won't charge you less than N50 (~$0.1).

3. CPRES.CO ESCROW FEE FOR DEPOSIT FROM N500 (~$1) TO N49,999.99 (~$100) IS 10%

EXAMPLE 3.1: For a N5,000 (~$10) transaction, cpres escrow fee is 10/100 x 5,000 = N500 (~$1).

4. CPRES.CO ESCROW FEE FOR DEPOSIT FROM N50,000 (~$100) TO N499,999.99 (~$1,000) IS 5%

EXAMPLE 4.1: For a N50,000 (~$100) transaction, cpres escrow fee is 5/100 x 50,000 = N2,500 (~$5).

5. CPRES.CO ESCROW FEE FOR DEPOSIT FROM N500,000 (~$1,000) TO N999,999.99 (~$2,000) IS 3%

EXAMPLE 5.1: For a N500,000 (~$1,000) transaction, cpres escrow fee is 3/100 x 500,000 = N15,000 (~$30).

6. CPRES.CO ESCROW FEE FOR DEPOSIT FROM N1,000,000 (~$2,000) TO N1,999,999.99 (~$4,000) IS 1.5%

EXAMPLE 6.1: For a N1,000,000 (~$2,000) transaction, cpres escrow fee is 1.5/100 x 1,000,000 = N15,000 (~$30).

7. CPRES.CO ESCROW FEE FOR DEPOSIT FROM N2,000,000 (~$4,000) TO N1,000,000,000 (~$2,000,000) IS 1%

EXAMPLE 7.1: For a N2,000,000 (~$4,000) transaction, cpres escrow fee is 1/100 x 2,000,000 = N20,000 (~$40).


fee%/100 x transaction amount


For deposit or withdrawal fees, see Payment Options